The Board

Boulder Mountainbike Alliance is run on volunteer labor, and the backbone of that volunteer labor force is the Board of Directors. Meet the BOD and learn about what drives each of them to make BMA all it can be.

Chuck Anderson

I have been riding mountain bikes for over 25 years and I've been involved in advocacy and volunteer trail activities for almost all of them. My first mountain bike was a college graduation present to myself and I learned to ride in the mountains of Santa Barbara, CA while attending grad school. I was hooked from day one! I quickly became involved with the local mountain bike advocacy group, eventually serving as the group's president and also as the volunteer IMBA rep for central California. After a stint in central Pennsylvania, I moved to Boulder in 2013. I am amazed by what BMA has accomplished over the years and the future looks awesome.

Mike Barrow

Advocacy lead for BMA. I've been in the mix for almost 20 years now, causing trouble and consternation for the City, County, and Forest Service. I'm in the multi-year process of handing off this work to the next generation. Good news is, there are passionate people there to do so.




Bryan Ganzel

Like a lot of people, I bought my first mountain bike for transportation. I rode it to classes in college, and gradually became introduced to the fun I'd missed since a kid: the freedom and excitement of riding a bike in the outdoors! My love of the outdoors led me to Colorado in 1999, and my love of trails for everyone led me to BOA and then BMA. I became involved with BMA while attending meetings during the Marshall Mesa TSA, and joined the board soon after.

I feel fortunate to live where I do, in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains. I not only ride my mountain bike for fun, but also hike, canoe, camp, fly kites, and hammock as much as possible! I even manage to commute by bike fairly often. I'm now sharing my love of the outdoors with my wife and three-year-old, who loves riding her bike and camping as much as I do. She loves it so much, in fact, that she usually cries when it's time to hang up the bike or end a camping trip (the three year old, not the wife). That's my girl!

Dawna Graham

Mountain biking involves two things that I am passionate about, fitness and being outdoors, and the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance brings to that mix a third and equally essential (for me) component which is community. When it comes to riding my mountain bike, one could say that I've been "converted" so-to-speak... after a lifetime of being a trail runner, hiker, and road cyclist, I found a 17 year old mountain bike in my garage, dusted it off, took it for a spin, and have literally never looked back. As a brand new convert to the sport however, I didn't know where or how to ride. A co-worker told me about BMA, and through their social rides I learned the trails and a few skills, and made some good friends along the way. Because of this it felt important to me to get involved, both out of appreciation for this cool organization that provided the opportunity for me wear my first set of knobby tires down to the nub, and also because I wanted to help continue making that opportunity available for other riders who are new to the sport.

Over the years I have volunteered with BMA in a variety of capacities, leading and sweeping rides, working on the opening of the Valmont Bike Park, doing some web site editing, and now on the board as Programs Coordinator. When I'm not out on a trail, I work as a fitness professional, and also run my own business Motion LLC, which specializes in healthy lifestyle solutions.


Adam Haid

I love mountain biking! Boulder has been my base stomping ground for over 20 years and has been a fantastic place to grow as a cyclist. I love the feeling of flying through trees on a mountain trail and the level of effort it takes to get to the top of a tough climb.

My family and I live in Erie where I founded Erie Singletrack Advocates in April 2013. I wanted to bring Erie residents together and build family-friendly trails on open space. The town was very receptive and allowed me to make it happen. We have had phenomenal success in building trails and getting people in Eastern Boulder county to ride their bikes on singletrack.

Here's a video of ESA's early efforts. We now have 4 miles of trail in Erie and it's expanding all the time. I am very proud of what we've accomplished and I can't wait to build more trail.

Katy Hoogerwerf

Starting with the obvious, I love riding my mountain bike! Which is ironic because for years I fought friends who tried to persuade me to get on one. Well, that ended the day I jumped on the old hard tail that had been wasting away in my backyard. I had signed up for a 50 mile road race up in the hills west of Boulder, and for obvious reasons, thought it best to start riding. Fellow board member, Mimi, brought me out to Martial Mesa and I was immediately hooked! I was in Fruita riding 2 days later.

Being the new and obsessed mountain biker that I was, I found out about BMA and attended one of their awesome parties. After much schmoozing, I realized these guys weren't just interested in talking about their mission, they were action oriented! I found them to be a determined group, driven to help the community enjoy and protect our beloved open space....on top of that, they were fun and they like to drink lots of beer. What's not to love?! I've been stoked to help out ever since.

As a designer and a former event planner, I spend most of my volunteer effort these days working on BMA's digital media (SmartTrail and the website) and social events (I never turn down a good party). I plan to continue getting the good word out about the organization to encourage more people to ride, and while they're at it, to help build and preserve trails. After all, that's what it's all about. Hope to see you out there.

Morgan Lommele

I joined the BMA board in 2012 but have been involved in mountain biking advocacy since 2009. I spent almost three years as the Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew and worked with advocacy organizations, mountain bikers, and land managers in 43 states. I helped locals get organized, plan trail systems, build awesome trail, and increase their local capacity. I've seen the good, bad, and ugly and hope to bring all the good to Boulder! I've been a Boulder resident since 2000 when I came to Colorado for college.

I've been riding since around 1998 and have ridden in 46 states. My favorite trails in the US are at Copper Harbor, MI; East Burke, VT (Kingdom Trails); White Clay State Park in Newark, DE; Raccoon Mountain in Chattanooga, TN; Sun Valley, ID; and Florida (yes, Florida -- where else can you ride about two feet away from an alligator?).

Mimi Mather

I'm a sucker for bikes and trails - love riding them both. I find peace of mind, big grins and a connection to nature on my bikes - got a handful of them, but the mountain bike is my fave. I'm convinced that the joy of two knobby tires on a trail dwarfed by natural surroundings is powerful inspiration for being better stewards of our planet.  So see ya out there - riding, building or toasting them trails.



Zachary Noffsinger

Zach is the Executive Director of Boltage, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that uses technology and incentives to make walking and biking to school a way of life. Boltage, based in Boulder, Colorado, has programs in over 40 schools across the country, and to date, kids participating in the program have made over 550,00 kid-powered trips to school, covering 800,00 miles (over 30 times around the earth) and saving 1.3 million lbs. of CO2 emissions. Zach is also a practicing attorney and has worked at several international law firms in New York, Washington, D.C. and Colorado. He continues to run his own law firm, Flatirons Law Group, where he advises clients on various legal and business matters. Zach holds undergraduate and law degrees from Duke University.

Zach is an avid bike commuter (my most recent bike purchase is a Yuba Mondo cargo bike, which I use to carry my two kids) and a recreational road and mountain biker.

Botsy Phillips

If You Wanna Ride You Gotta Dig!

I have been on the BMA board since 2003 when I realized that I can't sit on the sidelines and complain about a lack of Mountain Bike opportunities if I do not do something about it. BMA is doing everything about it! Boulder Mountainbike Alliance is the voice of mountain biking in Boulder and works to get us the opportunities for more trail riding. I have been the president of BMA and when my son was born I stepped into the role of Vice President (Thank you, Jason). I can't wait to share the Boulder outdoors, riding, and the trails that I helped build with him. I am a trail crew leader, I have organized the BMA Banquet for many years and I love riding SufferFest evey year. I love riding bikes (pretty much any kind), climbing, and pretty much anything outdoors. I am a Realtor as my day job and work at Pedal to Properties (where you have the option to ride a bike to view property). Come join us and be part of the future!

Adam Sher

I started mountain biking about five years ago and my friends and family will tell you it's become an all-consuming passion for me. I also love helping to build community among others who share my love of this sport. There's nothing like a challenging climb or a fast, technical descent to get my mind to stop wandering and start focusing. It's like a moving meditation for me. As a lawyer who specializes in commercial real estate, there are a lot of ways I've found to help BMA play nicely with our various government agency partners, like the U.S. Forest Service, Boulder County, the City Department of Open Space and Mountain Parks to name a few. I'm grateful to the efforts of our board members and so many others in our community who work hard to make sure we have plenty of great trails to ride in Boulder County and who are always trying to make them better and more accessible. If you love mountain biking, come out and see us at our next event and find out how you can give back too!

Jeff Starkey

I have been very fortunate to live in Colorado for the past ten years. I started mountain biking back in West Virginia nearly 20 years ago and continue to ride here in Boulder every chance I get. It is a great release from the pressures of life and a way to untether from the leash technology holds. While I am not a competitive rider by any stretch, I do enjoy getting into races and events that are completely over my head, and riding trails that I have no reason being anywhere near.

I joined the board of BMA as treasurer in October 2014 as a way of giving back to the sport that has contributed to my well-being. I look forward to continued involvement with BMA and I encourage everyone who is passionate about mountain biking to support our Boulder County trails through participating in BMA.


Jason Vogel

First, I love mountain biking. It is how I push the reset button and manage to work in a cubicle everyday without going postal. Without mountain bikes, the world would be a grayer place for me. My favorite steeds are my Yeti SB95 and my custom Mosaic 29er hardtail...and my Sinister DNA for dirt jumping....and my, well, you get the picture.

I volunteered in a variety of capacities for BMA, such as trail crew leader and bike patroller, before joining the BMA board in 2005. For a while I would take on well-defined projects and execute. This included an advocacy campaign pushing for what became the Wild Turkey Trail, developing the Boulder Mountain Bike Patrol from a handful of well-intentioned people to a well-organized and sizable force for trail-side evangelism, and creating SufferFest. But at my heart, I love to get into the nitty gritty issues. I spend a lot of time at meetings, developing relationships with people that make decisions about mountain bike access, and helping out in causes, such as open space campaigns, that are part of why it is so awesome to be a mountain biker in Boulder County. Somehow, I got kicked up the ladder to being president for 2.75 years until I stepped back down to "just" a board member. BMA is a better organization than it has ever been and the community that we have created together is truly inspiring! But now I think it's time for me to focus on what I do best - issue advocacy to open up opportunities for responsible recreation in Boulder County. God knows the people in charge need some help!

I think because of the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance, Boulder will be a different town in five years from what it is today. And it is dramatically different today from what it was when I moved here in 2001. We are changing Boulder for the better and it is because of people like you who support us and the many volunteers who have stepped up to volunteer their time over the years. We are standing on the shoulders of giants and leaping over the moon. It's a good time to be part of BMA.