Advocacy Success

As advocates for mountain biking in Boulder County, BMA meets frequently with elected officials, other stakeholder groups, and land management agencies. We represent the interests of the mountain biking community in local city, county, state, and federal trail planning activities.

We set these Trail Goals in 2005:

  • Five new from-town singletracks planned within 2 years
  • New connector trails slated within 2 years
  • New designated riding area slated within 5 years
  • NO more bike trail closures

Our Trail Accomplishments as of 2011:

  • Fifteen new singletracks opened:
    • Ten from-town: Cowdrey Draw, High Plains, Coal Seam, Marshall Valley, Flatirons Vista Loops (2), Doudy Draw, Springbrook Loops (2), Singletree to Cowdrey
    • Heil Valley Ranch: Wild Turkey and Picture Rock
    • Betasso Preserve: Benjamin
    • Forest Service Brainard Area: Little Raven and W. South Saint Vrain
  • New regional connector trail: Mayhoffer-Singletree
  • Four new designated riding areas opened (West Magnolia, Mud Lake, Flatirons Vista, and Doudy Draw/Springbrook)
  • NO additional existing bike trail closures