Become a Ride Guide

Ways to volunteer at BMA Rides and events

Boulder Mountainbike Alliance is an all-volunteer organization, which means we don't just want your support - we need it. We have a variety of social rides, and the list is growing! Each of these rides needs people to guide the riders into the trails, and more importantly, smiling faces who sweep the back of the group, and make new riders feel welcome.

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Become a Ride Guide

As ride guide you don't have to be fast and you don't have to be at the front of the group. You are responsible for being the guide of the group. As a representative of BMA this includes a variety of tasks from arriving at the ride to greet the riders and ensuring that waivers are signed, to coordinating the route & group, making decisions about the weather, etc.  Once the ride begins, you decide if you should ride at the lead or hang back with some of the other riders. Additionally, many of our rides have two Ride Guides, both a lead and a sweep.

We're especially looking for Gurlz Ride leaders -- all levels welcome.

Why being a BMA Ride Guide is awesome!

There are lots of cool perks that come along with being a BMA ride guide, not the least of which is the awesome friends you will make along the way! In addition to that, all BMA Ride Guides will receive: a 'Club Ride' BMA jersey, some really sweet discounts on popular outdoor brands, a discount on Scratch Lab products, and you won't want to miss our legendary end of the season Ride Guide party!

As a BMA Ride Guide we ask that you commit to signing up to guide (lead or sweep) 4 rides each season. You must become a BMA member to guide a ride.

Ride Guide Training & Schedule

We offer a Ride Guide training every season to ensure that you feel prepared to lead a ride. Topics covered include:Pre-ride and at the trailhead, Waivers, During a ride: Group organization & stopping, Trail etiquette & Yielding, Emergency action planning, Weather, and Wildlife.

If you're interested in volunteering with BMA
please email our Volunteer Coordinator.

Other ways to volunteer with BMA

Whether you've been riding since the Repack days or just started mountain biking last week, we'd love for you to make your own mark on BMA, and have fun doing it. Here are just a few ways you can get involved in BMA Social Rides:

Trail Food Liasion: We have several large trail projects every year, and each one needs folks to greet the trail crew with a friendly smile when they arrive and make sure they're fueled up with coffee and breakfast to start their busy day. We'll keep you busy until it's time for the hungry crew to return at lunch time for the second round. This is a great job for folks who may not be able to wield a shovel, but would ilke to give back to the trails they love.

Hold a beer while you volunteer: At each of BMA's social events, like our First Monday Happy Hours, Movie Premieres, the Banquet, and Membership Party, we need a few people to do small tasks -- like taking membership renewals, greeting new members, or handing out raffle tickets. This is a great one-night commitment way to help out big time, while having a good time and meeting new folks.

Photographer and/or Writer: A big part of our rides is sharing the good times afterward. We're looking for people who like to snap pictures, or turn those pictures into a quick write-up on the blog.

Event Helper-Outers: We'd like to put together a few events this year, ideally including a fun event at a bike shop or restaurant. If you're interested in helping with the footwork in organizing these (or any other) events, let us know. We're looking for people to make phone calls and help figure out what is needed to get these events off the ground.

Bike Shop Liaison: Do you have a favorite bike shop or three? Are you looking for another reason to drop by (besides that shiny new wheelset in the window)? Give BMA a huge hand by occasionally dropping off BMA Social Ride flyers to your favorite shops.

Knobby Weekend Orgainzers: Do you have a favorite destination ride, or overnight camping spot with great trails? If you are interested in coordinating a members-only Knobby Weekend, BMA will spring for burgers & fizzy beverages for you and other BMA members to enjoy at the end of your long day of riding.

For any of these volunteer opportunities, contact us at