Become a Ride Guide

5 Reasons to Become a BMA Ride Guide

BMA is going BIG on our Group Rides, with 8 different rides and clinics happening throughout the spring and summer. But in order to make this possible, we need some ride guides! Here are five reasons why YOU should consider becoming a Ride Guide:

1. Meet new riding buddies.

Easily #1, this is one of the best and quickest ways to meet more friends who RIDE

2. Ride lots.

Leading rides give you a fun and exciting reason to get out on your bike, and riding with individuals of varying abilities will ultimately make you a better rider too.

3. Get schwag.

In return for leading only 4 rides during the season, you'll get a super sweet Ride Guide jersey, access to BMA pro deals on gear, and an end of season shindig just for you.

4. Support BMA.

If you appreciate the trail advocacy that BMA does on your behalf, this is a great way to "give back", by doing something you'd be doing anyway: riding your bike!

5. Become an ambassador for mountain biking.

By demonstrating great trail etiquette and stewardship on social rides, you'll help to preserve our trails as well as change the impression of mountain bikers in our community.

Interested in becoming a 2014 Ride Guide? We're having a training session in April to fill you in on everything you'll need to know to get started...

Ride Guide Training is on Tuesday April 7
email our Volunteer Coordinator to sign up

About Being a Ride Guide

We ask that all Ride Guides commit to signing up to guide (lead or sweep) 4 rides each season. You must become a BMA member to guide a ride. (We're especially looking for Gurlz Ride leaders -- all levels welcome).

As ride guide you don't have to be fast and you don't have to be at the front of the group. You are responsible for being the guide of the group. As a representative of BMA this includes a variety of tasks from arriving at the ride to greet the riders and ensuring that waivers are signed, to coordinating the route & group, making decisions about the weather, etc.  Once the ride begins, you decide if you should ride at the lead or hang back with some of the other riders. Additionally, many of our rides have two Ride Guides, both a lead and a sweep.

All BMA Ride Guides will receive: A 'Club Ride' BMA jersey, some really sweet discounts on popular outdoor brands, a discount on Scratch Lab products. Also every hour you log as a BMA Volunteer will be counted towards being eligable for prizes at our year end Volunteer Recognition Party!

We offer a Ride Guide training every season to ensure that you feel prepared to lead a ride. Topics covered include:Pre-ride and at the trailhead, Waivers, During a ride: Group organization & stopping, Trail etiquette & Yielding, Emergency action planning, Weather, and Wildlife.


BMA needs volunteer skills clinic instructors!

We are looking for the right person who is interested in completing IMBA ICP Level 1 or 2 certification. BMA will pay 50% the cost of the instruction (total cost is: $482) in exchange for your commitment to co-teach 1 skills clinic per month from April through September 2015 for a total of 6 clinics.

Pre-requisites for IMBA Level 1 certification include: : Current First Aid and CPR certificate / Three or more years of mountain biking experience / Good communication skills with a strong desire to help others have more fun and progress safely / Ability to perform basic trail-side repairs (flat tires, broken chains, and shifting adjustments).

For any of these volunteer opportunities, contact us at