BMA Trail Posse and BCPOS show off upgraded Betasso Connector

Event Date: 
2013/04/30 - 5:30pm - 8:00pm
BMA Trail Posse and BCPOS show off upgraded Betasso Connector

Our Tuesday evening BMA trailwork on April 30 attracted a strong turnout of enthusiastic volunteers and showed off the advanced design skills of (BCPOS) Boulder County Parks and Open Space's trail crew, led by Mike Rutter and Scott Winget. Walking up from the highway I was quickly impressed with the radical, positive change in the Betasso Connector. What had been a rocky, eroding, un-fun route one just had to endure, is now a sustainable singletrack that swings from side to side, shedding water at frequent dips with French-drains. Vegetation is growing where bare rock had prevailed, reducing sedimentation into Boulder Creek. We moved boulders to make pinch points and piled dirt to build turning berms. We checked out Mike's cool rock armoring and stone pitching techniques. I enjoyed chatting about bike politics with a very experienced enviro and young folks on their first trailwork event. A steady stream of cyclists interrupted the work, and it was fun greeting the riders, who all thanked us. Some shouted gleeful compliments. A ten-year-old expert downhiller deftly sailed through our group twice. A most entertaining, fulfilling, and educational event!

Photos and text by Gary Sprung

moving rock

wrestling a boulder

making trail

tamping a berm

berms and drains

Check out the beautiful berming and rock pitching.

trail with alt line

Alternate line!  Take the log jump, or veer to the side for an easier line.


Volunteers make this happen - thank you everyone who helped!