Brute Squad Coaches

Coach Scott Gurst

Scott Gurst coach Boulder Mountainbike Alliance Brute SquadAs a coach for FastForward Sports for the last 12 years, Scott Gurst has helped hundreds of runners and triathletes of all ages attain higher levels of athletic performance, execute to their full potential, and achieve their goals in races from 5K to marathons, and sprint triathlons to Ironmans. Scott also spent four seasons teaching skiing at Sugarbush Resort in Vermont, and five seasons coaching an Ultimate club team that finished 3rd in the Women's division at the US National Championships in 2006.

As a passionate mountain biker, Scott has participated in numerous races from durations of 20 minutes to 24 hours, including Leadville Silver Rush, Laramie Enduro, Ridgeline Rampage, Voodoo Fire, the full Winter Park Series, CU short track races, Vail 100, 24 Hours of Moab (team), Breck 68, and 18 Hours of Fruita (team and solo).

Combining his love for mountain biking with his personal experience as a competitor and his professional experience as a coach, Scott has enjoyed continued improvements in performance in mountain bike races over the past several seasons, resulting in several podium finishes, and more importantly, the satisfaction that comes from performing to one's full potential on race day.

Scott is excited for the opportunity to share his experiences, and once again help the members of the Brute Squad train for optimum performance, prepare for the test of competition, and experience the fulfillment that comes from completing a challenging journey and attaining a goal that might not have been dreamed possible.

"I fundamentally believe that we are all more capable than we realize. If we can create a safe, supportive, and positive environment where athletes are not afraid to challenge themselves, test their limits, and venture out of their comfort zones, greatness can be drawn out of us all, regardless of where we start from. With the guidance of a coach, the support of a group, and a bit of courage and determination, I have seen ordinary people accomplish extraordinary things, and in doing so, transform their lives." - Scott Gurst

Coach Chad Smith

As an avid outdoor athlete, Chad has enjoyed over 20 years of experience competing in off-road endurance events ranging from short cyclocross and mountain bike races, to multi-day adventure races.  He has competed in many regional endurance events such as the Breckenridge 100, Leadville Silver Rush 50, Laramie Enduro, 18 Hours of Fruita, the Winter Park MTB series.  He's also completed numerous long distance rides including 100-mile Centuries, and the 142-mile Kokapelli Trail (Fruita to Moab).

Combining his love for bikes, and all things techy, Chad is also an experienced bike mechanic. As a mechanic for the USA Triathlon team, he has had the fortunate opportunity travel all over the world to support some of the greatest endurance athletes in the world.  He prides himself on being prepared to lend a hand whenever he can, and transfer a little knowledge in the process.

"I'm excited to see what the Brute Squad will do this coming year.  To me, there is nothing like the emotional roller coaster of endurance sports.  When things go right, it's exciting.  But when things start to go wrong, and you can learn to reach deep within yourself both mentally and physically, to pull off things which you may not have thought you could ever do.  There is something truly gratifying about knowing that what was once a perceived obsticle is now an achieveable goal. In the end, having the support of coaches and other athletes to guide us along the way, and share in those experiences is truly what makes it memorable." - Chad Smith

Coach Adam Rongey

As a cycling enthusiast, Adam loves to be out on his bike whenever possible. He has 24 years of riding experience and has participated in numerous endurance events, including 18 Hours of Fruita (5 times), Voodoo Fire, Ridgeline Rampage, PV Derby, Laramie Enduro, BMA Sufferfest, Boulder Roubaix and Koppenberg road races, and multiple century rides, including the Triple Bypass (twice). As a former triathlete of five years, Adam has competed in the sprint, Olympic, and Half Ironman distances.  Adam is looking forward to sharing his mountain biking experience, as well as adding his positive energy to the Brute Squad this season.

After joining the Brute Squad as a coach last year, I am excited to be back for more!  I look forward to sharing my passion and love for mountain biking with all of our Brrute Squad athletes.  I believe training with a solid group of individuals is a great way to stay accountable and get the most out of your fitness. Believing in yourself, being dedicated to the program, and having the support of the group and coaches is the way to a very successful season! I’m fired-up, lets ride!" -Adam Rongey

Coach Ivy Koger

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