Desperate Cry for Help

We are 24 hours (or less) away from BMA's big fall ride, the Caribou Classic (aka SufferFest) and there are still some volunteer roles that need filling.  Can you help?  Email Mic at immediately and THANK YOU for stepping up!


  • Course Markers - We need two riders to mark the Brainard Lake loop in detail. This is the most technical portion of the trail and we have some caution signs to hang so that riders know when they should slow down or get off their bikes. 
    • This needs to be completed Friday evening or at 8am Saturday Morning. See, I'm flexible, you can get a shot of espresso and head up for a morning ride with your good buddy! It is the far North section of the course so you have plenty of time before the 150 riders show up.
    • Expect it to take a couple of hours with marking the course. Maybe even do two shuttles to Brainard Lake and ride Down hill. Just make sure and mark the obstacles properly for those riding the course the right way.
    • I have the course marking materials with me and will be in Boulder in the AM and Ned in the PM.
  • Friday afternoon I will be at the Caribou Ranch setting up the Village. It is going to take 2-3 people and I have one employee of Caribou Ranch there to help. Could use another person to help raise the tent (20'x30") and set up the signs.
  • Photographer - we need someone, amateur or professional, to capture all those candid moments. Photographers on the trail are also needed.
  • Generator - we could really use one or two of those quiet Honda generators for Saturday and Sunday.