Eldorado Canyon to Walker Update

Walker Ranch Management Plan progress was held up in January because Boulder County Commissioners instructed Boulder County Parks and Open Space staff to figure out how to connect Eldorado Canyon State Park to Walker Ranch (kind of exciting!) before moving on.

Does the April 16th scheduled meeting mean they have resolved the issue? Well, no... but it's still good news.

After several meetings with the staffs of Eldorado Canyon State Park, City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks, and Boulder County Parks and Open Space, it was concluded that a trail design contractor should be hired to take all the information held by each organization, "ground truth" the information, and create a report (examining each option, documenting pros/cons/costs associated with each) to present to decision makers.

BMA thinks this is an awesome effort to get an objective assessment of this long desired trail corridor. We feel that while it may take a few months longer to complete, this approach is likely to give us an unfiltered and dispassionate result. If you attend the Walker Ranch meeting on 4/16, consider voicing your support for the Eldo to Walker connector. Thanks again!