Eldorado Canyon to Walker Update 2

Boulder County is developing a Walker Ranch Management Plan that describes how Walker Ranch will be managed going forward - including recreation, historic preservation, agricultural preservation, etc.

The Walker Ranch Management Plan progress was held up in January because Boulder County Commissioners instructed Boulder County Parks and Open Space staff to figure out how to connect Eldorado Canyon State Park to Walker Ranch before coming out with the plan moving on.

The Draft Management Plan came out in April 2013, but it actually doesn't resolve the issue. This is what the plan says about that connection (page 57 of the plan):

"There is an existing pedestrian/equestrian link between Eldorado Canyon State Park and Walker Ranch. The trail is steep and was not designed as a multi-use trail. For many years, there has been a desire to create a multi-use link that could accommodate bicycles. Efforts were made to include that decision in this management plan. However, through discussions between the property owners involved, it is clear that more research is required. The three agencies have agreed to hire a consultant to explore different trail options and provide an analysis of the impacts of these various options. While such a connection to Walker Ranch is appropriate and is permitted through this plan, the decision with respect to location and extent of the trail will occur outside of this plan and be approved by the County Commissioners."

What this means is that they are ok with the connection in the plan, but it's a complicated issue so it needs to be studied further. So no news yet.

BMA thinks this is an awesome effort to get an objective assessment of this long desired trail corridor. We feel that while it may take a few months longer to complete, this approach is likely to give us an unfiltered and dispassionate result.

Boulder County is holding a public meeting on May 7 to present the plan and receive community feedback.

For more information about the Walker Ranch Draft Management Plan and BMA's stance on it, click here.