Issue Advocacy

What Has Boulder Mountainbike Alliance Done for You?

Do you like riding the Wild Turkey Trail or the Picture Rock Trail at Heil Valley Ranch? Do you prefer heading down south to Doudy Draw, Flatirons Vista, Prarie Vista, the High Plains Trail, or the Springbrook Loop? Maybe your attention turns to the mountains and the West Magnolia or Brainard Lake areas?

Regardless of where you ride, chances are bikes were not allowed there five to ten years ago. Mountain bikers have trails and access in many parts of Boulder County due to the efforts of Boulder Mountainbike Alliance (BMA) over the last 20 years. Are you ready to join the charge? If so, we'd love and need your help.


Did you know there are four different agencies which own and maintain the trails in Boulder County?

  • US Forest Service(USFS)
  • Boulder County Parks and Open Space (BCPOS)
  • City of Boulder's Open Space and Mountain Parks (OSMP)
  • Eldorado Canyon State Park

All have staff, decision makers, and elected officials and "processes" that we need to know and understand to get things done on our public lands. That's a lot of conversations over beer and coffee ... and we could use your help.

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