Leadership, Present and Past

Hundreds of volunteers have worked for more than two decades to create and maintain BMA. Without their efforts BMA could not exist. Although we can't list all our contributors here, we would like to recognize our past and present presidents and directors.

1991-1996 Kent Young President
1996-1997 Kevin Schill President
1997-1999 Liz Valles President
1999-2000 Mo Bray President
2000-2002 Dirk Vinlove Executive Director
2002 Jon Alegranti Executive Director
2003-2004 Adam Massey Executive Director
2004-2005 Scott Gordon President
2005-2006 John Daily President
2007-2008 Mike Barrow President
2008-2009 Botsy Phillips President
2009-2013 Jason Vogel President
2013-present Mimi Mather President