Our Mission

The Boulder Mountainbike Alliance exists to serve as a positive voice for mountain biking by making the trails in Boulder County a better place for all users.

To fullfill this mission, the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance works towards three major goals:

Advocate for Trail Access

Originally established in 1991 as the Boulder Offroad Alliance (BOA), Boulder Mountainbike Alliance was formed in response to the closure of nearly every trail in the Boulder area to mountain bikes. This group became the only representative organization for mountain bikers who wanted the right to ride legally in Boulder again.

BMA has made great strides toward achieving better trails for Boulder County, achieving numerous advocacy successes, but there's always more to do, we rely on your help to do it. Check out the issue advocacy section to learn more.

Build and Maintain Trails

Our goal isn't to create as many trails as possible. Instead, our aim is to create quality trails that are both fun and sustainable, trails that will pass on our love of singletrack to future generations. BMA has developed a small army of crew leaders trained in sustainable trail building design and maintenance, and every year enlists our members and fans to work on the trails we love to ride, donating thousands of volunteer hours to the trails in Boulder County.

Create a Community of Mountain Bikers

Part of creating sustainable trails is ensuring that there will always be a community around to care for and advocate for those trails. BMA can't do its job without a community of bikers who understand and support our mission. And we build that community around a shared love of trails, then back it up with fun social events and group rides.

BMA benefits from strength in numbers. Trail agencies listen when BMA can show it represents the vast number of mountain bikers in Boulder County. No matter how many riders regularly use the trails, we are always asked one question, "How many paid members does BMA have?" Luckily, we have a large and active community, with membership numbers that continue to grow and impress. Each and every membership helps us achieve our goals. If you are not already a member, please consider signing up today. Your voice matters.