Trail Building

2014 Trail Work Schedule

Date Time Location & Signup Link
Tuesday, April 22 5p to 7:30p Posse Flood Recovery at Heil Valley Ranch
Tuesday, May 20 5:30p to 8p Posse Trail Building. Location TBD.
Tuesday, June 17 5:30p to 8p Posse Trail Building. Location TBD.
Tuesday, July 15 5:30p to 8p Posse Trail Building. Location TBD.
Tuesday, August 19 5:30p to 8p Posse Trail Building. Location TBD.
Saturday &/or Sunday, August 23-24 8am-4pm Waldrop/Red Rocks Lakes Trail Project

Trail Building: Volunteers Needed

Boulder was one of the first communities where mountain biking emerged -- and we were the first to ban it. But that was over 20 years ago, and with successes like the opening of Doudy Draw Trail to mountain bikers, the creation of Picture Rock Trail, and Valmont Bike Park, we've shown that mountain bikers are here to stay, but more importantly, that we're here to be good stewards and valued partners.

The City of Boulder, the County of Boulder, and the National Forest Service have recognized Boulder Mountainbike Alliance as committed partners due to the trail building expertise we bring to the table, and the thousands of volunteer hours we use to transform lofty goals into smile-inducing trails. Last year alone, BMA donated over a half-million dollars worth of volunteer time.

Those kinds of figures mean as much as our membership numbers when it comes to getting new, and even better, trails. At BMA, every volunteer matters. Every hour helps.  Contact the Trails Director to learn how you can get involved, and watch the calendar for upcoming trail work days.

Trail Party Volunteers: Trailwork parties are a fun way to create a sliver of trail that'll give you pride every time you ride. With experienced and friendly Crew Leaders at your side, and a nice lunch, fizzy beverages, and good conversation to end the day, you'll dig building trail. (Get it? Get it! Okay, fine then.)

How BMA Gits 'Er Done

Boulder Mountainbike Alliance has been building trails since our formation in 1991.  Since then BMA and our volunteers have contributed over 27,000 hours of service - check out BMA's Trail Project History to see all the places where BMA has improved or created the trail experience for everyone.