Every volunteer matters. Every hour helps.

After over 20 years of advocating for trails, Boulder Mountainbike Alliance has learned that great communities build great trails, and great trails build great communities. We've also learned that the mention of "volunteering" and "advocacy" in the same sentance scares the crap out of most people.

BMA needs your help, and we'll make sure you have fun helping us.  See, mountain bike advocacy is like a three-pronged fork (like the kind James Bond would use to eat shrimp, then impale his nemesis with). We need to be political advocates, securing access to new trails while preserving the ones we have. We need to be physical advocates, using sweat equity to build and maintain the trails for which we advocate. We also need to be social advocates, strengthening our community through fun events (and, hopefully, creating more people to build and advocate for our trails).

You are the tines of that fork.  In each category, there are roles to fit all types of personalities, interests, time commitments, and experience levels. If you find a task that strikes your fancy, or have an even better idea on how you can help, email the volunteer coordinator.

If you're not having fun volunteering, we're doing it wrong.

Social Advocacy

Social advocacy roles are geared to people who love to have fun and enjoy sharing their love of mountain biking with other people. Learn more.

Political Advocacy

Political advocacy roles are geared for people who are passionate about trail access, enjoy problem solving, and understand that at the end of the road are trails that our grandchildren will ride. Learn more.

Physical Advocacy

Physical advocacy is basically trail building.  These roles are for people who enjoy working in the woods and turning a line of flags into fresh new trail. Learn more.

Info from Boulder County on volunteer opportunities.