West Magnolia Public Process - Comment Period

August 2013

US Forest Service Boulder Ranger District Throws Down for Recreation!

For years we have clamored for a trail system that is extensive and varied so a visitor can get a different experience every time you visit. The Forest Service, with their Magnolia Trails Project, has done just that.

The way this works is that the Forest Service proposes their actions (in this case, in the form of a map), and then gets public input, after which they make a final decision. We have the chance to influence the final decision and see a trail system that is simply put, rad.

  • The project details are here.
  • The map outlines the actions the Forest Service wants to take, but there's little accompanying info. Check out the map here.

What's most important is that people comment on the Forest Service's map/"Proposed Action." Comments are accepted until September 6. The Forest Service reviews all the comments and incorporates them into the final plan. If you only have a few minutes, email the Forest Service (cluna@fs.fed.us, Subject line Magnolia Trails Project #41601) and make the following asks:  

  • In the southwest portion of the map, provide a uphill and downhill trail experience that meets the users' desired trail experience (for example, continue NEW1 south, or NEW2 north), in the vein of what Schoolbus offered.
  • Address regional trail connectivity in any and all directions (especially a connection to Winter Park from trails NEW1 and NEW2).
  • Create more trails that provide long climbs and long descents.
  • Include winter sport opportunities and access.
  • Support BMA's formal comments to the Forest Service.

We need your help to provide input, get answers and formulate our comments to this trail plan. We on the advocacy team can't possibly anticipate the many facets of this project and do a decent job of it.

The Forest Service doesn't have the resources to make this project a reality. This will take recreationists of all stripes coming together to make something lasting and awesome. BMA today does not have the resources to make this a reality either; partnerships and coalitions will need to be formed, grants applied for, contractors engaged, and most of all volunteers that are driven toward a common goal.

For more information, visit this US Forest Service page.