Gurlz Ride Wishlist

With every year, BMA's Gurlz Ride gets bigger and better. The continued success of the Gurlz Ride is due to the new faces who step up to lend a hand, sweep a ride, or introduce us to a new way to make a pony tail fit under a helmet. There are tons of ways to help out, from snapping pictures to baking cookies, and of course being a friendly face on the ride.

Ride Leaders and Sweeps

Every ride, we like to have people in place to lead and sweep at least two, maybe three, separate groups (speedsters, intermediates and beginners). Ride leaders only need to have a general knowledge of the trail. We're especially looking for experienced beginners -- people who are comfortable on a bike, but can empathize with what it's like to be new to mountain biking -- to help guide our beginner groups. If you're interested in leading or sweeping, email and let us know if you are interested in leading or sweeping, and which groups (speedster, intermediate, beginner) you'd like to go out with.

Photogs and Writers

A big part of our rides is sharing the good times afterward. We're looking for people who like to snap pictures, or turn those pictures into a quick write-up on the blog.

Our Own Martha Stewarts

We're looking for our very own Martha Stewart, or three. If you have a penchant for cooking, we'd love to have folks bring homemade trail mix bars, snacks, or any other goodies for our riders to snack on before and after the ride. If you're crafty -- just not inside the kitchen -- we'd like to know what skills you have so we can put them to good use throughout the season in future parties, rides and get-togethers.

Event Helper-Outers

We'd like to put together a few events this year, ideally including a day or overnight trip, and a film viewing of Women of Dirt. If you're interested in helping with the footwork in organizing these (or any other) events, let us know. We're looking for people to make phone calls and help figure out what is needed to get these events off the ground.

Restaurant Hook-Up Artists

After our rides, we like to grab a bite to eat and have a beer. Normally, we just bombard a place with 20 or so women, and hope that the kitchen can handle the onslaught of orders. We've heard of women's rides in other areas making arrangements for special deals that make ordering and cooking hassle-free (like two tacos and a beer for five bucks). If there is a restaurant near one of our upcoming ride locations that you think would like our business and are up for making a few phone calls, let us know!