City Council Hearing on West TSA

If you make one meeting all year, this is the one.

This is likely to be the most important access meeting in our 20 year history.

On March 15th, City Council meets to make a final decision on the West Trail Study Area (West TSA).  Boulder Mountainbike Alliance has spent the last 2 years (and then some!) advocating for equitable and reasonable access to this community resource.

Where: Boulder High School

1604 Arapahoe Avenue
Boulder, CO 80302
(link to google maps)

When: Tuesday, March 15th, 5pm until Late (come early if you can so you can speak)

How do I participate?helmet and button

  • Wear your bike helmet and BMA "be friendly, expect to see others" pin - even if you don't speak, getting seen in this get-up equals mad style points.  Well, it will at least get noticed by Council, and that's important.
  • Check in with a BMA person outside main entrance to get a pin (if you don't have one yet, they're too kool for skool!) and a flyer with instructions from BMA

Do you wanna speak?

Just do it!  Your story is important. Showing you care is important. Being a good citizen is important.  Just so you know, there's a few ground rules set by Council:

  • Sign up to speak starting @ 5pm
  • The actual meeting starts @ 6pm
  • you have 2 minutes to speak (practice a little bit, 2 min goes faster than you think)
  • bring 2 shy friends and steal their time (meaning, pool 3 people together) = you get 4 minutes of Council's time
  • bring a big crew (pool of 10) = 10 minutes of fame for you!

Pooling of time - if you pool your time, you must be present and in the room when your speaker is called to speak. Otherwise it's like you never existed.

What time do I show up?

  • We need a handful of people who wish to speak to show up early (4pm ish) so that you can speak early. The OSBT meeting was front loaded with bike detractors, so let's balance the messages - click here if you can help BMA out.
  • Otherwise, show up when you can and sport the bike helmet!

What if I can't stay for more than an hour or two?

City Council needs to hear from every one of you.  BMA needs as many of you as possible to stay the distance at this meeting - one night for a lifetime of trail. But we know there are children to put to bed and lives that need living.  We will have a video booth set up at Rueben's Burger Bistro as an alternative medium for Council input.  Stay at the meeting as long as you can, and then go to Rueben's (Walnut and Broadway, 5 blocks away)

Rueben's Burger Bistro - If you can't get into the meeting to get a seat, check in, get a number in line to speak, and retreat to Rueben's for $2 off drafts and $3 off all burgers - just be sure to wear your BMA pin!

What do I say to City Council?

The Boulder City Council is a group of dedicated public servants who have not yet made their decision(s) about bikes in the West TSA.  We must remain positive, constructive, and respectful and keep the negative stuff out of our comments.  Here's what you can say:

  • Who you are, where you live
  • Why you love Boulder and why you choose to live here
  • And you think bikes belong in the West TSA
  • Make it personal, make it your story (in 2 minutes or less!)

Is this gonna be like the OSBT meeting?

Yes, it's going to be a circus.  Not only will the bike detractors be there, but everyone else in Boulder who feels passionately about open space and recreation will be there in force as well.  How can you miss out on a Boulder moment like this?!?

Twenty years from now folks will still be talking about this pivotal evening in mountain bike advocacy.  Be there and be part of it!


2011/03/15 - 6:00pm - 10:00pm