National Trails Day - It's ON!

Give back to the trails you love on National Trails Day, June 2nd.

Heil Ranch is a much loved trail north of Boulder, but wear and tear are taking their toll.  Years of foot, bike and hoof traffic combined with the harsh Colorado weather and highly erodible soils has made the Wapiti trail at Heil in desperate need of TLC.  And we aim to give it some.  BMA and BCPOS will be hosting National Trails Day event at the Wapiti and we are inviting YOU.

We will be re-routing especially over-used sections of tread to new, sweet sweet trail and then closing down the old trail.  The goal is to create a more sustainable trail that will stand up to use and mitigate user conflict.

After the trail work is done, we will celebrate all of our good deeds with lunch and libations provided by Oskar Blues.  So if you've been telling yourself that you need to do some trail work, this is IT!  This is the one!


Sign up today!

Wondering what happened to the West Mag project?

West Mag will be closed (click here for more info) shortly before National Trails Day, so we will be unable to do any trailwork up there!  But fear not, once the USFS finishes up their work, we can start ours.

2012/06/02 - 8:00am - 1:30pm


Happy National Trails Day

I wish I could join you @ Heil, but alas...
So I made sure to add a link to BMA to today's trailsnet blog to hopefully encourage others to join this worthwhile project. Good luck, have fun & see you next time.

Any room?

Is there any way to fit two more people into this? My boyfriend and I just moved here and would love to meet some people and get our hands dirty on the trail!

Yes! Show up tomorrow morning


Show up tomorrow morning and you will participate. No one will turn you away.

Sign up to participate

If you have a cancellation, I would like to participate. Signups are closed.

There are always no shows.

There are always no shows. Please join us and you wil not be turned away.


Where could I find some more info about the happenings like schedule, meet up location, what to bring, what we'll do, etc? Thanks! I'm very much looking forward to it! Alex B.

Nevermind... just got an

Nevermind... just got an email saying I'll get an email with more info...

June 2 Trail day

I would like to sign up.
Chris White.
I figured it out. thanks.

Hi Chris,   I'm glad you'll

Hi Chris,


I'm glad you'll be there!