Waldrop Red Rocks Trail Project

Description: Enjoy the fall colors with us at this beautiful mountain location. The Brainard Lake Recreation Area is one of the most popular wilderness access points in the United States, receiving over 130,000 visitors per year. To reduce impacts on the Wilderness, the US Forest Service has created the new Brainard Gateway Trailhead.


In 2012, BMA and WRV, with the help of the Colorado Mountain Club (CMC), restored habitat around the trailhead and constructed a 450 foot connector trail from this new trailhead to the Sourdough Trail.

In 2013, we constructed a 2500 foot segment of trail connecting the Gateway Trailhead and Sourdough Trail to the Waldrop Trail.


In 2014, volunteers will construct a new trail that connects the Waldrop Trail to Red Rock Lake Trailhead. We'll also close and restore sections of old trail that are being replaced by new trails. The project includes some interesting rock work for "rock hounds" and plenty of basic trail construction for beginners new to trail construction.

Volunteers will be working at an elevation of about 10,000 feet and camp nearby at a beautiful forested site normally closed to the public.


Waldrop Red Rocks Lake Trail Project with WRV

2014/08/23 - 8:00am - 2014/08/24 - 4:00pm