Saturday, August 29

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BMA's premier riding event & fundraiser!

Not only is the Caribou Classic the best dirt ride in Boulder County, it is also a fundraiser to rebuild and maintian our beloved trails. Our goal is to raise money for the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance's Trail Fund! In addition to ongoing trail maintenance projects, we have some exciting trail building projects coming up in the next few years!

The Routes

There are two lengths of ride available:

  • Caribou Classic - 20 mile south loop; Sourdough to a loop around Brainard Lake, then back on South Sourdough
  • SufferFest - 29 mile south loop plus north loop; you do the entire Caribou Classic, and add a second loop which includes all of South St Vrain, Sourdough, and the Wapiti Trail

Race Entry

  • Minimum Event Contribution: $50
  • This covers the cost of the event. No refunds due to weather: We ride rain or shine.

Fundraising: Raise $ for BMA's Trail Fund

Fundraising is completely voluntary! You can quickly and easily set up a personal fundraising page when you register for the event. This will help you nudge your friends, family, and colleagues for contributions to help rebuild the trails we all love. Any amount you raise will benefit trails and the BMA's Trail Fund.

Whole Foods has made BMA the recipient of their bag credit donation - how high can we go?!  From July 6 - Septempber 27, up to $1,500. All proceeds go directly to the BMA Trail fund! The sky's the limit on how much we can raise - every time you shop in the Pearl Street Whole Foods store, donate your bag credit to BMA, and tell your friends and Facebook followers to do the same.

Our Venue: Caribou Ranch

Caribou Ranch, site of the world-famous and historic Caribou Ranch Recording Studio, opened its gates to cyclists for the first time ever in 2011. This year the event will be hosted in the Big Meadow North of the ranch. It is 7 MILES North of Nederland.

Contact Us

Event organizer: Mic De Min

Volunteer Coordinators: Dawna Graham, Marcus Popetz

Caribou Classic 2015


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