2013/09/10 - 10:11am

Due to current weather conditions we are cancelling tonights Mix ride and tentatively moving it out 2 weeks to Tues. Sept. 24.

More info to come...

2013/09/02 - 7:36am

The Mix-N-Mingle ride scheduled for Sept. 10 has changed location.

We're going to Picture Rock instead.

Since we've started losing light, we figure Walker isn't the best choice for evening rides due to its deep valleys and fixed length. At least with Picture Rock, we can turn around when we choose and won't be stuck deep in a canyon or under trees. Sigh, I know, you were REALLY jones for some Walker action. We'll get it next year, I promise. ;)


And..., I'm sure we won't need them, but if for some reason, we are late getting back to the parking lot, it would be good to have lights available. There's no requirement to have them, but if you do, having them in your pack would be smart.

2013/07/08 - 11:57am

July's Mix & Mingle Ride at Heil Ranch was a great success--look at all those happy bikers! A great ride on the newly buffed Ponderosa Trail and plenty of pizza afterwards at Proto's.

Lot's of love at Heil

Join us next month on the Sourdough while we enjoy the high country and dinner at the smokehouse in Ned.