Greenbelt Plateau Trail

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We’re not going to stretch the truth here. This isn’t singletrack nirvana. It is, however, a great section of trail to connect High Plains to the other Marshall Mesa trails. It is a really wide road with a little climb up to the top and a nice quick descent back down. If you just have to ride something skinny, there is a singletrack on the east side of the road for long stretches. Thanks to your friends here at BMA, that singletrack next to the road is officially legal to ride on. There is, however, one small section just off this trail that will test your skill. About halfway down the hill, look for a trail off to the right. This short connector has some water bars and some rocky steps. Beginners, watch your step! There are quite a few hikers out there, so please be courteous!


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Greenbelt Plateau Trail Click on image to enlarge
Greenbelt Plateau Trail Click on image to enlarge

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1.6 mi.
22 ft.


Trail Meter: Closed»Fair

OSMP has reopened the trail... actual condition not known

still closed as of 5/27, check for updates

muddy trail closure as of 5/13, check here for updates

Trail Meter: Good»

OSMP Closure- muddy conditions

wildflowers are popping - trails are fine

Trail Meter: Fair»Good

You small easily avoidable mud puddles. Great otherwise!

Trail Meter: Closed»Fair

trails reopened, please post actual status when you ride!

Trail Meter: Fair»Closed

OSMP Closure... muddy conditions

Trail Meter: Good»Fair

How quickly things can change. From being mostly dry yesterday to soft and muddy in spots today.

Trail Meter: Fair»Good

All dry... All good... Go get some before the rain comes again...

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