Bike Patrol

2013/09/03 - 8:19am

It's been a while since I went up to West Mag for a ride.

You know..., they cut it all down, right? Wrong?

Well, I went up over Labor Day Weekend 2013 and there's still some great riding to be had on our USFS land. Some of the old favorites are .. in a state of disrepair, but we're working on that, and there are plenty of trails that weren't affected. So, get up there, be careful, and see you on the trail!


2013/05/18 - 5:02pm

Tired of riding Lefthand trail in North Boulder because you have to open and close so many gates?  Well soon enough, cattle guards will be put in to make the flow smooth as you tear up this narrow singletrack on the way to where ever you are going.


Plus, a few opportunities to catch a bit of air!


Cattle Guards at Lefthand Trail

Photo:cattle guards placed near where they will be soon installed.  This is not the final installation.


2012/09/16 - 6:54pm

Joel and Rich on Caribou road during the Caribou Classic, aka "sufferfest" 41 mile ride north of Nederland, CO.  Several Bike Patrol volunteers participated in sweeping the course so that the 150 or so riders had a great time and got to the camp safely, with a big grin on their face!


Joel and Rich