Bike Patrol

2011/06/09 - 7:08am


In spite of the gloomy weather lurking, I was determined to be on the trail yesterday,  As expected, I smiled the whole ride through.  Then I smiled again making this video.  There is no better prozac than riding a mountain bike.

We need to let this blog embed video :(.

2011/06/08 - 8:40am

David met up with me in Nederland about 8am Sunday to head on out and ride some trails and see how the snow melting is coming along.  We had a great day, slow at parts, but wonderful weather and excellent single track just putting a smile on our faces and making the bikes happy.  Here are some pictures....

1) Great Single track o plenty for the day

2) A few Moose Cows--no mom in site at Mud Lake.

3) Riding up Caribou Road to the mine site/505

4) 505 gate and lots of snow to ski on!  Not quite ready for the connection over to Eldora

5) Some trail work on Bus trail--emptying puddles and moving fallen trees.

6) Above Ore Crusher on Bus--we already had climbed through several drifts but this was the end of the line--the stream on the back side of this drift was 6 feet wide and 1.5 deep.  Going to be a bit longer for sure!

Overall we rode 36 miles and climbed 4600ft that day--super fun!  John