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Boulder's Valmont Bike Park has been selected as one of three finalists to host the 2014 and 2015 USA Cycling Cyclo-cross National Championships. The three potential host cities are Asheville, N.C. (Biltmore Estate), Austin, Texas (Zilker Park), and Boulder (Valmont Bike Park).


City of Boulder Press Release

Wednesday, Jan. 11, 2012


Construction on Valmont Bike Park is entering its final months and the City of Boulder's Parks and Recreation Department plans to open the newly-developed park with a grand opening ceremony on Saturday, June 11. Details and plans for the grand opening event will be released in May.


If you've ever been to a BMA Trail Work Event, you have seen and benefitted from the work of BMA Jenn, our Trail Work Director.  Jenn has brought the Trail Crew Leader program to a level of credibility and acceptance at both the County and USFS offices that has never been achieved before.  In doing so, her work has caused Boulder County Parks and Open Space to "up their game" and create trail work projects that are challenging, achievable, and highly satisfying to the volunteers that...


You may have already seen it in today's Daily Camera: Rangers found a trail on open space that was illegally built, and was used by mountain bikers.


Dear Open Space Board of Trustees,


Every year, the Boulder MountainBike Alliance recognizes a hero. This award recognizes a community leader who works tirelessly on behalf of trails users to create sustainable trails and facilities that benefit the community at large.

We are proud to award this to Mike Lamb from the City of Boulder's Parks and Recreation Department. Mike is the construction manager for the Valmont Bike Park. Mike was tasked to work with J-2 Construction, Alpine Bike Parks and various city...


An open letter to City Council, the Open Space Board of Trustees, and Mike Patton (director of Open Space and Mountain Parks)


Please support Senate Bill 36 in judiciary committee Monday

Hello Rollie,


The Boulder Mountainbike Alliance (BMA) has prepared a position paper containing BMA's vision for mountain bike access on open space lands west of Boulder - an area known as the West Trail Study Area (West TSA).  This paper was written following the September 13, 2010 decision by the conservation caucus of the Community Collaborative Group (CCG) that they would not consent to or allow discussion to continue on the mountain bike access proposal under discussion.