BMA position on West TSA for 2/23

Dear Open Space Board of Trustees,

The Boulder Mountainbike Alliance thanks the Board for directing OSMP staff to consider limited bike access in the West TSA at your Thursday 2/10 study session. It is obvious by your actions that our concerns were heard loud and clear. We have chosen not to activate our constituency for the 2/23 meeting because of the direction you gave staff. Know that many hundreds of mountain bikers are grateful for your consideration, and hopeful that your final decision will recognize our concerns. We do not believe flooding your inboxes or the 2/23 meeting would add anything of value to the process. You have already heard from mountain bikers, and you have already heard from our detractors. You now have some tough decisions to make. Thank you for your service to our community.

north-south connector map

1) BMA supports option S-2 for a north-south connector. This connection serves a critical need for many Boulder citizens and also opens up opportunities to connect with the existing bike accessible South Boulder Creek Trail (East). Reworking of the descent to the South Mesa Trailhead is appropriate. BMA stands ready to assist in finding solutions that minimize user conflict and environmental impacts. With proper design we believe the need for parallel trails with their attendant expenses can also be minimized.

Anemone Hill map

2) BMA supports option A-2 for the Anemone Hill access. However, based on review by our trail design consultant, we believe that further analysis is required to develop physically and socially sustainable trail alignments. Note that BMA has not withdrawn our interest in an eventual connection from Anemone Hill to Fourmile Canyon. Indeed, this connection would allow OSMP to leverage the Anemone Hill trails by providing access to Boulder County's Betasso Preserve and trails beyond. Please make note of our interest in your discussion and recommendations.

east of NCAR map

3) BMA supports staff's option for access on the east side of the NCAR property. We note that a short connection north of Table Mesa Drive to the existing bike accessible Skunk Creek Multi-use Path should be included. This connection will allow central and north Boulder residents access to the proposed S-2 trail via existing bike paths and routes.

BMA is committed to work with OSMP to implement any bike access that is approved for the West TSA. We look forward to partnering in the development of a trail system that will provide significant community benefits.

Finally, we would like to thank the board for your service during this controversial process and for your serious consideration of the needs and desires of the mountain biking community.

On behalf of the BMA Board of Directors,

Jason Vogel
Boulder MountainBike Alliance


NOTE: All figures are taken from the Memo and Attachments PDF available on the City of Boulder website.

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