A letter from the BMA president to Senator Rollie Heath

Please support Senate Bill 36 in judiciary committee Monday

Hello Rollie,

As the president on the Boulder Mountainbike Alliance, I represent hundreds, perhaps thousands of people in your district (we can't break out or Boulder County wide membership by state senate districts). Please do what you can to support Senate Bill 36 next Monday as it goes through the Senate Judiciary committee. This bill is an important step in reducing the anxiety of many private landowners who would otherwise allow public access to their property. It is one key ingredient to creating a regional integrated system of recreational access that serves the citizens of your district and helps break down the barriers between public land management agencies in Boulder County.

Some other points worth noting:

  • By recognizing the inherent risks of mountain biking, Senate Bill 36 protects¬†landowners and managers, event organizers and trail builders from lawsuits when they open trails to mountain bike access.
  • SB 36 will promote trail access and mountain biking. By protecting our friends who give us access to trails the bill creates a better environment for landowners and operators to allow all kinds of mountain biking activities without the prohibitive costs and time spent defending lawsuits.
  • Mountain bike trails promote jobs and the economy. For every $1 million dollars spent on trails 7 jobs are created, compared to only 4 jobs created for the same amount of spending on road construction.
  • Mountain bike promotes health lifestyles. Every $1 dollar spent on trails results in a decrease of $4 in health care costs.

Thank you for your time and attention,

Jason Vogel
Boulder MountainBike Alliance

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