Hall Ranch Crazy Eights

Head out to play, the Hall Ranch way!

This is a great local favorite way to enjoy some challenging riding rolling right out of downtown Lyons!

This ride has just about everything for an afterwork summer ride! Technical bumpiness galore, fun swoopy trails, amazing views of Longs Peak and a convenient brewpub at the end of the ride!

The basic premise of this ride is to leave from town on either Hwy 7 or Hwy 36 and get onto the Hall property either via the Bitterbrush Trailhead or the Antelope trailhead. From there ride up to the Nelson Loop Trail and do at least a couple whoopdies around it and then head back down the complimentary trail to your ascent (ie if you went up Bitterbrush, come down Antelope or vice versa). Hey, if you really want to go up and down the same trail, be our guest. It's all good!

Park next to the skate park in Lyons (check the link the trailhead directions) and then west up to Hwy 7/36 and choose your fate.

For a mellower uphill:

Go right. About 1/4 mile up the road you will see Apple Valley Rd. on your left. I'm mentioning this road, not only because of its endearing name, but because the trail you are heading to is up there. Go west young man/woman and seek your destiny. This road is narrow and the police will ticket you if you ride two abreast here (yes, I found out the hard way). Cruise on up about 3/4 mile (or if you don't have a bike computer until you start getting board with pavement) until you see Antelope Dr. on your left. This road quickly becomes dirt and then deadends at the Antelope trailhead.

To go bonkers uphill:

Go left at that same intersection where you got to Hwy 7/36. If you get the feeling like you've just taken the red pill, and for you the red pill means riding up over crazy rock gardens until your lungs jump out of your mouth and attempt to throttle you for putting them through endless aerobic suffering, you have. Okay, really, it's not that bad, but give a guy some literary license here.

Get on up.

Head SW on Hwy 7 for about 1.5 miles. The Hall Ranch Bitterbrush Trailhead will be on your right (it's a big parking lot, yo).



Oh, and one more thing, the total distance and climb listed is based on doing two laps of the Nelson Loop if you're a numbers geek.

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Hall Ranch Crazy Eights
Hall Ranch Crazy Eights
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14.00 Mi.
1937.00 Ft.
Directions to start in downtown Lyons
1. - Lower Bitterbrush Trail - good
2. - Upper Bitterbrush Trail - good
3. - Nelson Loop - closed
4. - Upper Bitterbrush Trail - good
5. - Antelope Trail - poor