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Antelope is a great way for the intermediate rider to ride into Hall Ranch. It's got a little bit of everything: easy switchbacks, rocky sections and some great flowy turns. It's only a mile long, but has good elevation gain without ever getting too steep. Most of the trail is singletrack with only two short sections of fire road (the first is the beginning of the trail). If you are looking for a great ride to practice your skills and get more comfortable riding on the kind of trails we have here in Boulder County, look no further!

Antelope Trailhead Sign - They mean it!!!!

Before, I go any further, see that sign? They mean it. Also, only park in a real parking spot if you drive. This is a ticket hotspot!

To ride this trail, you'll either be coming up from the Antelope Trailhead (see directions), or connecting with the Bitterbrush Trail to the rest of Hall Ranch. If you are doing the former, be aware that there are very few spots to park at this trailhead and it is often full on weekends. We totally recommend that you park at Sandstone Park, which is in downtown Lyons about 1.5 miles away. This also gives you a great warmup for the ride (yeah, if you're 17 years old, you might not need a warmup. If you're like me and more than twice that age, warmup is key!).

From the trailhead you're going to head up a short section of loose, pointy, babyheads (rocks about the size of an infant's head - hey I didn't make up the term. I'm just using it.) for only a couple hundred yards. This section may seem both challenging and not fun, but hang on! Things are going to get better very fast. After this section, you'll enter into some steady rolling climbing on singletrack with several easily managed rocky outcrops in the trail.

The Bump on Antelope

A rocky outcrop in the singletrack! Rock on.

This continues on for the better part of the ride. You know you're almost at the top when you reach a section of old road with a few barely noticeable patches of old asphalt. It's pretty steep and manky here, but hit the afterburner as it's a short climb and then you'll get a nice break.

The trail ends at the Junction of Lower Bitterbrush (fork to your left) and Upper Bitterbrush (fork to your right). If you're like me, you'll take a quick break at the bench just beyond this junction.

Rest easy pilgrim, you're at the bench

Note: Again, parking is limited at the trailhead.  You may want to park in downtown Lyons, at Sandstone Park, and ride up. Here are directions to Sandstone Park.


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1 mi.
450 ft.


From boulderbma via Twitter: Picture Rock (Heil) and Nelson Loop (Hall) are closed. Betasso not yet good. Save our trails! Please RT!!! #boco_trails

From RangerDMorris via Twitter: Hall Ranch - antelope muddy, Nelson loop closed #boco_trails

From RangerDMorris via Twitter: Hall Ranch - nighthawk muddy as well as some long sections of the bitterbrush #boco_trails

From RangerGrady via Twitter: Hall Ranch received 3+ inches of snow. It will be muddy the next few days.#boco_trails

From RangerGrady via Twitter: Hall Ranch's Bitterbrush trail at 2pm was very muddy! #boco_trails

From RangerGrady via Twitter: Heil, Hall, & Rabbit Mtn trails are fast becoming slushy and/or muddy. Let the great melt-off begin! #boco_trails

Antelope is mucky and muddy in spots, lots of spinning in one place... needs a few more days to dry out.
Lower Bitterbrush is dry.

From FitLiv_BootCamp via Twitter: Marshall Mesa trail conditions. Trails east of 93 ok but a few spots with mud - especially descent from east end of 'canal' #boco_trails

From timschfer via Twitter: Marshall Mesa: some sticky horse-pothole bits, especially Cowdrey Draw, some snow/mud on High Plains, but east side mostly good #boco_trails

From RangerGrady via Twitter: Thanks for respecting the Picture Rock closure! Do to forecasted weather, it will remain closed. Hall & S. Heil are open #boco_trails

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