Aspen Alley Trail

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Although the West Mag area is technically open to the public, trail stats and tracks are from pre-logging and may no longer be accurate. Travel and explore at your own risk.

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Aspen Alley Trail Click on image to enlarge
Aspen Alley Trail Click on image to enlarge
0.5 mi.
100 ft.


Fuel Treatment Operations have closed this trail until Late Spring 2012... at the earliest

Closed until at least August 2012 for logging operations.

Trail Meter: Good»Closed

FS worker said West Mag would be closed starting June 4

Trail Meter: Poor»Good

Ready for the spring riding.

Trail Meter: Good»Poor
Trail Meter: Fair»Poor

Snow. Snow and more snow. Likely closed until late spring 2012. Get out the skis!

Trail Meter: Good»Fair

this is about the W Mag trail system in general. We were up there last night during the deluge, and the damage done to the trails by the streams coming down, was worse than all of the mt biking done since those trails were created. Bummer.

Trail Meter: Poor»Good

all good!

Trail Meter: Closed»Poor

As of friday, there is still drifted snow in the reroot. I turned around and rode the dots instead.

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