Boot Trail

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Boot isn't much to speak of on its own.  When riding from the West Mag area or the Peak to Peak Highway, this is your first segment of singletrack.  It pretty much immediately (and without you noticing) dumps you directly onto Reboot.  Or you can take a hard left onto Wildwood and descend into the neighborhood.  To maximize your Dots experience, keep going straight ahead on Reboot and have fun!

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Boot Trail Click on image to enlarge
Boot Trail Click on image to enlarge

T: 3 A: 3 C: 2

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0.75 mi.
35 ft.



all dots are the spot see to be

Trail Meter: Fair»Good

In great shape.

Dots rumored to be mostly snow free, but many downed trees.

Trail Meter: Good»Fair

super snow biking!

Trail Meter: Fair»Good

Great time to ride up high!

Reopened! Trail is OK. Several sections run through clear cuts and "forest work debris".


Closed by USFS for logging ops.

Trail Meter: Fair»Poor

snow packed and muddy when warm

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