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The Canyon Loop is a short but stunningly beautiful 20 minute lap.From either parking lot or the Betasso Link Trail, take the Canyon Loop Trail in the required direction. Both directions are fun and the county usually changes the required direction on the 1st of every month. You start at a high point and descend about half way before climbing back up to where you started. The trail is bench cut on a steep slope. So although the trail is technically pretty easy, it can cause problems for those with a tendency for vertigo. Most of the trail is pleasant singletrack, relatively flowy, and about 3 feet wide, but perhaps 1/4 of the loop is on the historic Betasso Ranch road. There's an incredible overlook counterclockwise from the trailhead, less than a mile along the trail that overlooks Boulder Canyon with great views of the the University of Colorado and the city.

Important stuff you should know:

  • This trail is closed to bikes on Wednesdays and Saturdays
  • This trail has a required direction for bike traffic at all times (look for the arrow when you get on the trail)
  • Trail direction changes on the 1st of the month

Please obey these rules and BMA will continue to work with BCPOS to make the system work better.

Betasso Preserve is one of the few places to get in a mountain bike ride from town without the use of a car. Ride up the Boulder Creek Path, which goes through town and up Boulder Canyon to the intersection with Fourmile Canyon. Then you have to jockey with traffic on Boulder Canyon Drive (Highway 119) to the Betasso Link Trail, or you can head up Fourmile Canyon to the Fourmile Connector Trail.

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3.2 mi.
450 ft.


60% clear 40% snow. Tires stick to the snow, but the snow stays put. Everything's rideable and in pretty good shape

Nice ride today but a good amount of snow. Probably 60% completely snow covered, 20% some snow and 20% dirt. Warm enough that it was soft and grippy. Will be tough to ride if it freezes.

As of 12/24 90 % dry with some snow drifts that are melting. All rideable without causing trail damage. Good to go

Trail Meter: Good»Fair

Got every kind of trail condition EXCEPT mud. dry trail, packed snow, icy spots, a drift here and there. Jonesing for a ride? Go get some!

All good and tacky, just a few snowy spots

Friday 11/22 2pm: trails on north facing slopes have about an inch of snow... south facing slopes are clear. gr8 ride!

The loops are solid. Little bit of wash out and debris in places but it just makes the ride more challenging! It's awesome to have trails close to home open again!

Trail Meter: Closed»Fair

Open! A lot of evidence of the heavy erosion and washouts from the floods

All boulder open space and mountain park system is closed until further notice.

Trail Meter: Good»Closed
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