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The Mud Lake trail system has 3 easy trails perfect for families and people just starting to ride.  The Caribou Ranch Link Trail (0.7 miles) leads to the Caribou Ranch trailhead and is an out and back. The Kinnickinnick Loop (1.1 miles) and the Tungsten Loop (0.8 miles) intersect.

These are 3 family friendly, easy beginner trails that keep the smiles on the faces of beginner mountain bikers or serve up some nice smooth high-altitude miles for the experienced rider. The trail system is well marked so you won't get lost. The trails are relatively short, and have a few small climbs without ever getting too steep. Most of the trail is single track with almost no technical feature save a few baby heads. If you are looking for a ride with good scenery to introduce your friends or family to mountain biking, look no further!

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Snow! (so great if you have a fat bike!) And soon to be very muddy.

Fairly well packed. Some soft, unridable areas.


Reopened 10/9.

Trail Meter: Closed»Fair

Reopened 10/9.

Now open again. Use caution as trails may have water damage.

All boulder open space and mountain park system is closed until further notice.

Even though there has been some pretty good rain the last few days, the trail is in great shape. Get out and enjoy.

It just rained the night before we rode it 7/6/2013, the trail was in perfect condition. No mud, just the right amount of tacky soil.

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