Coalton Trail

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When you get to the Coalton Trail, you couldn't be blamed for thinking it looks a lot like a gravel road. While it lacks in features or much fun, it's a key connector in the Dirty Bismark loop, and is also a great way for those in the Superior/Louisville areas to get of road and into the rest of the Marshall Mesa trail system.

Wide, flat, and gravel is the rule here. The exception is the one main climb, which is often a bit rutted and provides the only potential challenge.

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2.8 mi.
370 ft.


Dry & fast.

In great shape!

Trail Meter: Poor»Good
Trail Meter: Good»Poor

Muddy and nasty

good to go

dry. high plains and Marshall valley have some bad muddy sections if you r doing the dirty bismark

Trail Meter: Poor»Good

condition set to Good

Trail Meter: Fair»Poor

you can't bomb the hill sight unseen... the rains have move a LOT of material... It's going to need a lot of work

Trail Meter: Good»Fair

Trail condition updated to Fair.

good to go

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