Community Ditch (West)

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A simple trail, really... It follows the Community Ditch from highway 93 back to the Doudy Draw trail. Trail elevation is essentially flat, and it's wide (drive a truck down the trail wide). It can be a bit rocky or rough depending on how much cow activity it's seen lately.

Yes, cows. No, they are not wild, but they know you want to eat them so give them some space if you run across one.

This is a great connector to make some big loops in the area - so ride it! 

NOTE - there is currently no way to cross Hwy 93 while an underpass is being constructed. You can access this trail only from Dowdy Draw at this time. We hope the new underpass will open in 2014!

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Community Ditch (West) Click on image to enlarge
Community Ditch (West) Click on image to enlarge

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1.8 mi.
0 ft.


This is in pretty good shape. a few soft spots from runoff but largely dry

12/31 dry trail

As of 12/23 all good, dry and ready for riding.

Trail Meter: Fair»Good

Connector over 93 is still closed but the trail up to 93 from Doudy is gtg.

11/23... the 24th will likely be will dry out quickly, so if you really need to ride, do it before it gets above freezing.

Trail Meter: Closed»Fair

Technically not closed due but access to it from 93 is closed due to construction. Access from Doudy Draw is still possible, but why is you're not going to cross at 93?

All boulder open space and mountain park system is closed until further notice.

Closed due to muddy conditions.

Absolute hero dirt today (6/5). Go get it!  Just be careful on that wooden bridge at the junction with Dowdy Draw -- wood is wet and very slippery.

Sunday, 6/2: Trails are in perfect condition!

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