Cowdrey Draw Trail

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Cowdrey Draw connects the Marshall Valley Trail with the Mayhoffer-Singletree Trail. It's an important piece of the big Dirty Bismark loop.

This trail features some of the newer IMBA style trail construction techniques. What's that mean to you? It's narrower than most of the other trails in the area, and twists and turns while slightly undulating up and down to shed water. This style is also a ton of fun with a flow of it's own.

Cowdry Draw is nearly level, and benched in tightly with the hillside. In order to keep it as it is, be sure to stay on the trail tread as much as possible - yield by leaving your wheels on the trail and leaning outward, placing one foot down. And of course, when it's soft or muddy, stay on the trail too - braiding or widening the trail isn't going to make it more fun for anyone.

While you're there, you can't miss the old cistern along the trail. It's from Marshall's coal mining days. Don't fall in, you'd need a tall ladder to get out!

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Cowdrey Draw Trail Click on image to enlarge
Cowdrey Draw Trail Click on image to enlarge

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0.8 mi.
80 ft.


Snow covered ribbon of white. Thought the conditions would be bad in the evening after a day of snowmelt, but the north-facing trail prevented much melting - lots of snow, some bare ground, no ice or mud. Some post-holing required. A double trail is forming in some places - try to ride on the trail track, and not just where there is less snow.

Merry Christmas!!! bone dry and begging to be ridden! Go get some!

12/18: Mostly dry but a couple of short muddy patches in the usual places. Stop the widening, ride through the mud!

11/29 mtb patrol ride today, good conditions

Trail condition updated to Good.

11/29 mtb patrol ride today, good conditions

11/23... the 24th will likely be will dry out quickly, so if you really need to ride, do it before it gets above freezing.

mtb patrol today, bizmark loop, all good


Some running water and ruts but mostly good!

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