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Opening Doudy Draw to bikes was a huge win for cyclists a few years ago - not only because it was an existing trail west of Highway 93 to open, but also because it's a great route with good views and a wide variety terrain for the area.

It connects from the top of Flatirons Vista trail back down to its own trailhead located off Eldorado Drive. It junctions with both Community Ditch Trail and the recently built Springbook Loop along its way.

Up to Community Ditch, it's crusher fine, suitable for pretty much any mode of transportation, so expect to see a bunch of people. After that intersection, the rest of the climb is dirt. You'll start on a grassy hillside that gradually becomes more and more rocky along the way. When you get to the trail sign, you'll see the connector trail to the Springbrook Loop due west of you. There's a bit of repreieve from climbing as you continue south, but once you cross the creek (currently bridge-less following the September 2013 floods), the toughest section begins. Steep sections and embedded rocks make for some fun moves going up or down. After hitting the one switchback, you climb on an unfinished railroad grade from 100 years ago - it's a gentler slope, but has grown in with trees and some more rock moves. Head through the gate at the top, and you're on Flatirons Vista.


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Doudy Draw Trail Click on image to enlarge
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T: 5 A: 4 C: 5

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2.2 mi.
445 ft.


Trail Meter: Poor»Good

Just a few spots less than 15 feet long are bad... recovering quickly.

still really bad. the trail basically needs major work at this point... very wide, lots of deep ruts, damage to shoulders of trail, large rocks fully exposed, damage to vegetation around trail from people hiking around mud. PLEASE STAY OFF

Trail Meter: Fair»Poor

Heavy mud alternating with sections of choppy ice and snow.

Trail Meter: Poor»Fair

some frozen spots and one puddle just above the switchback... below Springbrook jct one really bad spot... stop and hike a bike or you will make a mess of the trail and your bike... snow right at the bridge at Community Ditch too...

Trail Meter: Good»Poor

Drifting snow and no users packing it down. Not even good with a fatty.

all good.... go ride!

Trail Meter: Fair»Good

all good

Trail Meter: Poor»Fair

Just a few muddy spots left.

11/9 Top is good but don't be fooled- still really muddy down the trail - stay off for a day or two

Trail Meter: Good»Poor

11/2 Snow, slush and mud. DON'T RIDE THIS TRAIL NOW. Snow and mud will persist until next storm on Saturday 11/5. If that doesn't materialize, might be rideable by Tuesday 11/7.

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