Eagle Wind Trail

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Eagle wind is a nice 4 mile intermediate trail at Rabbit Mountain Open Space Park. It's got a little bit of everything: easy switchbacks, rocky sections and some great turns. It’s also well marked so you won’t get lost. It's short, but has good elevation gain without ever getting too steep. Most of the trail is single track with only short sections of dirt/fire road. If you are looking for a great ride to practice your skills and get more comfortable riding on the kind of trails we have here in Boulder County, look no further!

Early season note: This is often one of the first Boulder County trail systems to dry out, so early season it may be the only place to ride when the other trails are wet and all mud.

The trail starts out going up some great intermediate single track. Beginner’s option: if this is too difficult ride across the flats with some great views of prairie dogs and turn left up the dirt road and ride it up a steep hill about 4/10th of a mile to the trail junction. At the Eagle Wind sign turn right to do the lollypop. or turn left to go down some sweet single track back to the trail head.

After you reached the top of the trail about 0.5 miles if you go straight you will be on the Little Thompson Trail, so go right to stay on Eagle Wind. You will cross the road the beginners took to get to the trail. After going a 0.5 mile you will reach the loop. This trail is fun in either direction. The loop has no major changes in elevation and just a few technical sections. After completing the loop it’s all down hill enjoy.

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Eagle Wind Trail Click on image to enlarge
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3.5 mi.
650 ft.


BCPOS has closed trail from TH to Little Thompson jct - use the road - rapid melting will create muddy conditions


Trail Meter: Fair»Good

the trail is improving quickly it was fair to good but by tomorrow it will be good and ready to go

Still too muddy in the trees and some of the lower sections two days ago. Rutting out and will need repair once things dry out a little.

Trail Meter: Good»Fair

Snow covered

Nearly all dry and rideable. A couple of spots of packed-snow and mud. Ride through!

Trail is 99% dry and very ridable.

Trail Meter: Fair»Good

I rode here on 10/5/13 and all of the ruts present pre-flooding have been fixed. The trail is in good condition except for a few muddy spots which given the dry weather should be dry or very close to it.

09/28 - A few muddy spots, generally tacky all over, good to ride... but watch out for all the traffic as its the only place open!

Reopened 9/27. Use caution due to potential for rain damage until updated with fresh trail info.

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