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High Plains Trail is a great addition to the Marshall Valley trail network. It is a nice long segment of trail with fun flowing singletrack. This trail can be run as an out and back, or as part of the Dirty Bismarck loop. From the Greenbelt Plateau trailhead, the trail starts by gently going down through some short rock sections. Don't worry, these are not very technical. They will just bounce you around a little. After you cross a few gates and a bridge, you start your climbing to the end. The climbing is of a nice grade, not too steep! It includes some brief breaks in the climb as well. As you crest the last hill, you'll see the end at a gate and small parking area. If you want to continue on to Superior, go through the gate and turn right onto Coalton Trail. This area does fairly well over the winter, but can be deceiving. The muddy spots are usually hidden from the road and can be very sticky and fragile. Please make sure you check the trail meter! If you are headed back to the Greenbelt Plateau trailhead, get ready for some nice gentle downhill almost all the way back. In the summer, this trail can get HOT! There is no tree cover at all, so come prepared. Also, it can get really windy out on the trail. Eldorado Canyon causes a nice funnel for the wind to flow over the trail.

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T: 2 A: 4 C: 3

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2.6 mi.
150 ft.


condition set to Good

Couple wet spots but easy to ride through

A few muddy spots should be ridden through. You will get muddy. Please do not ride around the mud as some people have done.

Lots of rain and snow today. Will need several good days of sun.

Everything dried out with only one or two wet spots. Remember to ride through the water, not around it.

Some trail damage from people riding around the wet spots. Lets keep the single track narrow...

Still good!


Several muddy sections but all are rideable. Go through the mud!

Snow! (so great if you have a fat bike!) And soon to be very muddy.

99% dry as of the evening of 3/25

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