Left Hand Trail

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Land of 1,000 Gates ... for now

Do you want to get out of town? Live up in North Boulder and want to connect from Boulder Valley Ranch to points North? Well, this is a trail for you! Yes, as of the writing of this description are heaps of gates to go through (think of it as practice for cyclocross with all the dismounts/mounts you'll be doing), but it's also singletrack!  And in the near future, at least some o' these gates are going to be supplemented by ride-over cattle guards.  In the winter, this trail is really exposed so it dries out pretty quickly. In the summer, this trail is really exposed, so you can practice your dehydration-weightloss plan easily by riding on this trail midday!

Oh, the gates of doom

Lefthand Trail connects the Sage Trail at Lookout Rd. with Neva Rd at 39th (39th is a dirt road, so it's a cool way to avoid all that yucky "pavement" all the roadies talk about loving). The trail trucks along for just over 2 miles next to Lefthand Valley Reservoir and some great cattle grazing land. From the Sage Trail, you can connect onto this trail by following the signs at the Boulder Valley Ranch Trailhead. After going through a somewhat confusing set of gates and splitting trails (just keep heading North), you will quickly get rolling. There are a few minor twists and turns and even a couple of small bridges to go over. If you are a beginning mountain biker, this could be a great way to practice your skills on an easy trail with very few people around to be embarrassed in front of!

Reservoir pic on lefthand trail

From a wildlife standpoint, you'll have great opportunities to see a largely unbounded prairie dog colony (well several actually). These large ground squirrels are heaps of fun to stop and watch (an excuse I use every time I'm tired and see some). They are much smarter than their chubby little behinds portray and actually have members of the colony standing guard against predators. Each type of predator causes them to make a different call. While they are known to make a "human warning", I'm not sure that they discriminate between hikers and bikers (wouldn't it be nice if all humans thought the same way?). During the spring and summer, you can also hear meadowlarks calling regularly. Look for a tan and yellow bird about the size of a Robin on fenceposts in the distance when you ride. Finally, you are not too far away from known Bald Eagle, Osprey, and Red-tailed Hawk nests. Keep an eye on the sky for these awesome hunters!

rolling hills on lefthand trail

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2.9 mi.
88 ft.


As of 12/30 All dry and good to go. Happy New Year!

Some areas show signs of rutting from the floods but, its in fair condition.

Some areas show signs of rutting from the floods but, its in fair condition.

Trail only open from dawn until dusk. They may be rain damage so use caution until more up to date info is posted.

All boulder open space and mountain park system is closed until further notice.

Everything in the Boulder Valley Ranch/Boulder Res was in fine condition today. The only exception was where the farmers are still flood irrigating around the ranch itself.

Rain on and off for the last few days has plenty of wet spots. Please remember to ride through the puddles.

Main path is OK, the little sections of single track, not so much.

This trail is almost dried out. Hey people if it has rained in the last 6 hours, give this trail a break. There are many deep ruts from those who rode it the last time it rained.

Everything is dry and in good shape. Trail is starting to get dusty.

Dry and in good shape.

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