Lollypop Loop

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This trail is a little loop through the woods with some quick up and down.  The "lollypop" (if you could plot it on a map and lick it) connects to West Magnolia Road via the "stick", where you can pick up the Blue Dot Trail.  The views of the Indian Peaks and the Divid from the "stick" are to die for.

This loop also serves as an important connection to Powerline to the SW, Star Wars to the NW, and Carwash to the NE. If you end up on this trail more than once over the course of the ride, that's ok because it's fun both directions.

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Up to two inches of snow in shaded areas. Dry where it's sunny. All rideable on a regular bike.

all dots are the spot see to be

Trail Meter: Fair»Good

In great shape.

Dots rumored to be mostly snow free, but many downed trees.

Trail Meter: Good»Fair

super snow biking!

Ready to ride.

Trail condition updated to Poor.


Actual condition of the trail is unknown, but closure has been lifted.

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