Marshall Valley Trail

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The Marshall Valley Trail is fairly flat, rolling along contour at the northern base of Marshall Mesa. Prairie grasses and wildflowers abound in the spring and early summer.  Be sure to rest and enjoy the increasingly stellar views of the Flatirons as you head east along the trail.

The trail is 4 feet wide (or wider) in most places, and along most sections you can see pretty far ahead (and other trail users can see you).  This is a great trail for kids and families.  Although a few sections of the Marshall Valley Trail are raised above the surrounding grade (a type of trail construction called a "French drain"), trail users should definitely avoid this trail during muddy times as the clay surface of the trail sucks up wheels, boots, and hooves and leaves lasting, bumpy scars on the trail surface.

Marshall Valley Trail runs from the Marshall Mesa Trailhead out to where Cowdrey Draw intersects the easternmost end of the Community Ditch Trail.  Marshally Valley Trail is one part of the amazing Dirty Bismark Loop, not to be missed in those warm dry winter days when you're jonesing for some miles.

Check out the Marshall Mesa Trails and Nature Brochure created by our friends at the City of Boulder Open Space and Mountain Parks to learn more about the flora and fauna in the area, and get your nerd on even more with the Illustrated Geology Tour of Marshall Mesa guide - wow your friends!

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Marshall Valley Trail Click on image to enlarge
Marshall Valley Trail Click on image to enlarge

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1.2 mi.
140 ft.


1/27 at 5:00 p.m.: About four inches of snow and still coming down, but mostly good traction over frozen ground. Rock slab sections a little slippy.


Any mud holes were firming up and drying out.

Trail Meter: Fair»Good

A couple wet spots, and one snowy spot a few feel long. Good enough to upgrade from fair to good, but not "great".

a few spots in the shade are still wet but should be dried by the end fo the weekend.

Snow covered ribbon of white. Thought the conditions would be bad in the evening after a day of snowmelt, but the north-facing trail prevented much melting - lots of snow, some bare ground, no ice or mud. This stretch of trail could be ridden in its entirety - no post holing required.

Mostly dry and clear, if a bit windy today.

Merry Christmas!!! bone dry and begging to be ridden! Go get some!

12/18: All dry and good to go.

Trail Meter: Good»Closed

Marshall Valley Trail closed starting November 22nd

The Marshall Valley Trail is closed due to a mine cave-in approximately 100 yards east of the trailhead. The Marshall Mesa trail system sits on top of several old coal mines. Users of the area should always be cautious due to the potential for mine cave-ins at any time. State Mine Safety staff has been notified and will be coordinating mitigation starting on Monday. Users are highly encouraged to respect the closure for their own safety.

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