Meyers Homestead Trail

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Meyers Homestead Trail is an old road. This makes it a good family trail, but not too technical. It is a steady climb out to a nice overlook from the top of the ridge at the end of the road. It is an out and back, so turn back around and come back down the road you just climbed. There are lots of erosion rollers in the road that can make great kickers - just make sure there aren't any families, children, or dogs in your way before you decide to go airborne.

On its own Meyers Homestead is hardly worth the trip, but now, with the recent development of an approximately 1 mile Walker Link Trail between Meyers Homestead and the 7.2 mile Walker Ranch Loop, you can now add this trail to those to get in an almost 15 mile ride.

The Myers Homestead trailhead is your best choice for easy trail access and loads o' parking.

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Meyers Homestead Trail Click on image to enlarge
Meyers Homestead Trail Click on image to enlarge

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2.6 mi.
740 ft.


Mostly packed slush/ice; a few muddy sections.

Getting packed in from foot traffic. More snow coming down.

A mix of everything: dry sections, mud, snow, ice.

Rode Wednesday morning 11/25. Rideable, still large sections of packed snow, ice and mud but many dry sections. This may change due to impending winter storm on Thanksgiving day.

Still considerable mud, snow, slush and ice. Not ridable right now.

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@RangerHatffield via Twitter: The wind has been relentless up here. Expect lots of ice on Walker trails. Also, black ice on Flagstaff

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All dry

All dry

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Heavy rains continue at Walker and everywhere,,,,trail conditions will probably not be great, use caution. #boco_trails

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Last comment was supposed to show good conditions!

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