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T: 2 A: 2 C: 4

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2.4 mi.
142 ft.



Trail condition updated to Good.

Trail condition updated to Poor.


based on reported conditions for other Boulder Valley Ranch trails, probably fair to good conditions - please update if you ride.

Trail Meter: Poor»Fair

Definitely seems to have dried out quite a bit from previous update. Soft/mud in small doses, but quite rideable.

from bracyknight via Twitter: boulder valley ranch is soggy mess. Maybe good Thursday, but maybe not! It's ugly right now.

big storm = deep snow, please update this condition when you use the trail, thanks!

Trail Meter: Fair»Good
Trail Meter: Good»Fair

From the bottom of the Eagle trail north avoid the single track which parallels the main trail. It's got some seriously muddy spots and a few puddles. A few bikes and horses have already left some deep ruts.

Give it a few days to dry out.

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