School Bus Trail

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School Bus Trail is open during the West Mag logging closure

Please note that the southern boundary of the closure is "north of National Forest System Road 105.1", meaning that School Bus (Bus 'n Shack) will still be open and accessible from the south, via the Rollinsville/Shoshoni Meadow and/or the Forest Service Work Center climb.


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T: 4 A: 8 C: 8

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3.3 mi.
1060 ft.


Little bit of packed snow here and there. Otherwise the trail is in great shape.

Trail Meter: Fair»Good

Lower sections are great. Some snow at the higher altitudes, and in the shade.

Trail Meter: Good»Fair

Conditions as of sunday 11/3. Snow, ice and mud in the upper sections, before the first short climb. Then short stretches of ice and mud in places. The road route to the top of School Bus had too much snow to ride in some areas.

Should be good to go!

Supposedly in good condition but closed by order of the USFS.

Trail condition updated to Poor.

Beautiful. Rocky as ever.

School Bus was nice and dry & dusty when we rode it today. A few downed trees and a few big snowdrifts at the top meant we turned around just shy of the Toilet Bowl. Still good to go!

Trail Meter: Poor»Good

School bus is good to go with just a few snow spots to cross, each just 5-10 feet to walk over 2 feet of snow. It finally got muddy on the last stretch up to the toilet bowl at top. That should be dry by next week.

Trail condition updated to Poor.

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