Sourdough Trail (North)

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The northern half of the Sourdough Trail puts hair on your chest, or umm, makes your legs more shapely and beautiful if you're a chick and a hairy chest is undesirable.  Big fat glacial boulders, twisty turny trail, rocks everywhere, and really choice mossy forest -- how could it get any better?  If you're jonesing for some technical rock work, Sourdough North has you covered.  Combine this trail with the new no-longer-in-wilderness South St Vrain Trail right next to Brainard Lake.

Sourdough North provides a challenging ride both directions, really, although the vast majority of sane folks prefer to go south to north (largely downhill, as shown in the elevation profile below).  Starting from the Red Rocks Trailhead, the rocky challenge begins almost immediately.  After a punishing mile or so, you start to hear the St. Vrain Creek ahead in the forest.  Take a pause on this gorgeous bridge crossing of St. Vrain Creek - a great reminder of why the Colorado high country is so dang badass!

bridge across St. Vrain River

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Sourdough Trail (North) Click on image to enlarge
Sourdough Trail (North) Click on image to enlarge

T: 7 A: 7 C: 8

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7 mi.
390 ft.


Should be fat bike able for a day or two if it gets packed a bit more

Packed trail. Fat bike ready

Snow season - trails starting to pack in.

Mainly dry. Some splashy mud sections.

bone dry from PV to Brainard Lake Rd

Trail Meter: Fair»Good

Dry except for a 50' section near that little scenic lake.

A little wet in spots, but good to go!

Trail Meter: Poor»Fair

Coming from N, Beaver Res to Wapati Trl: Tacky with few remaining snow spots, 95% rideable.

Wapati Tl to S St. Vrain Trl: Lots of snow after the 2nd junction with Wapati Trl., 50% rideable.



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