Spring Brook South Trail

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When paired with its sibling trail, Spring Brook North, Spring Brook South makes a great route with good variety of views and terrain.

From Dowdy Draw, you start Spring Brook with 0.3 miles of singletrack over to a 3-way intersection with Spring Brook North to your right, and Spring Brook South to your left.  Which way to go?  You can take the loop either direction, as both directions offer a nice climb with a twisty descent.  Since this is the Spring Brook South description, let's go right!

There's a hint of exposure, but mostly you'll be climbing in the edge of the trees with some good views down into Doudy Draw. Its a steady climb with some twisty turns to keep the gradient in check, and just enough rockiness to keep your focus up.

After you turn away from the draw, the trail levels out. You'll see the Denver water canal on your left, and before you know it you'll be at the end of this trail and the beginings of Spring Brook North.

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Spring Brook South Trail Click on image to enlarge
Spring Brook South Trail Click on image to enlarge

T: 4 A: 5 C: 6

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1.4 mi.
285 ft.


Good to go

condition set to Good

go get some... it's beautiful out there

Trail Meter: Closed»Good

all OSMP closures lifted this morning

Trail Meter: Fair»Closed

OSMP Closure - Muddy conditions - STAY AWAY!

Trail Meter: Poor»Fair

barely fat bikable, but seriously fun; conditions will change dramatically w/ sun, additional snowfall, etc.

Trail Meter: Good»Poor

lots of new snow, turning to slush...

Trail Meter: Fair»Good

South side of the singletrack loop is great with some remnant moisture and a patch of snow in corner, but nothing to cause damages.

A couple small snow fields. No real mud to speak of, just a small handful of wet spots.

OSMP has reopened this trail.. Actual condition unknown

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