Sugar Mag Trail

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Although the West Mag area is technically open to the public, trail stats and tracks are from pre-logging and may no longer be accurate. Travel and explore at your own risk.

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Sugar Mag Trail Click on image to enlarge
Sugar Mag Trail Click on image to enlarge
0.85 mi.
280 ft.


Your view is definitely something Id like to see more of. Thanks for this blog. Its fantastic and so is what you've got to say. quick quid number

10 degrees cooler at least, and the wildflowers are poppin'

Pretty little flowers everywhere!

Dry and lovely...flies are biting! Keep moving!

headed south is a muddy spot but not too soft - tacky enough to now upset tires.

Solid conditions. Good to ride.

Still some muddy spots, but it's good to go

Lower section is fine... Upper section is a creek in spots

condition set to Poor

Trail will be exposed from snow soon. Please stay off until dry.

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