Upper Bitterbrush Trail

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The yang to Lower Bitterbrush's yin. This trail is pretty mellow, wide and only has a couple of easy rocky spots. It's the way up to the Nelson Loop if you are planning on making a bigger ride out of your trip to Hall. From the bench near the trail junction of Lower Bitterbrush and Antelope, head west and downhill. This downhill is short followed by an uphill that will take you past another great prairie dog town and onto the ridge line. Over time, this trail has seen a lot of wear from the large number of people on it. Please try to stay in the middle of the trail as much as possible to allow for the singletrack to stay single.

This trail tops out at the base of the Nelson Loop. You'll notice the trail widening after a short section of roots and rocks. This is a popular spot for hikers and bikers to catch their breath before heading up!

Coming down:
This trail is a ripper on the way back down! It's got great flow for the intermediate rider, with a lot of fun swoopy turns that really put a smile on your face. Two words here. One, this trail has a lot of loose sandy stuff on it. People regularly come down this trail too hot and find themselves upside down before they can blink. Two, this is a super popular trail with a lot of blind corners and a lot of people (many who will be scared by bike riders coming downhill and likely unprepared to avoid you). Keep your speed under control and be respectful. Going downhill, you're the one who yields - and that doesn't mean riding off the trail to avoid other people, man! It means slowing way the hell down and stopping if necessary to make sure that uphill traffic isn't afraid/startled/put out/killed.

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Upper Bitterbrush Trail Click on image to enlarge
Upper Bitterbrush Trail Click on image to enlarge

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1.4 mi.
360 ft.


Trail Meter: Fair»Poor

Surprisingly muddy from the first bench all the way past the second bench. Not recommended.

Bitterbrush is fine all the way to the bench. Just one spot with mud, but not very wet. Some puddles but no mud either. Beyond the bench, the downhill to the connector to the loop is VERY muddy. Give it a few more days.

Trail Meter: Poor»Fair

Drying out with a number of ice and/or mud sections...but still rideable. Only a couple of places would I suggest walking to avoid trail damage. Should be fine by week's end based on the current weather forecast.

Trail Meter: Good»Poor

RangerDMorris via Twitter: Hall Ranch - Bitterbrush Tr - Muddy spots and sections up through the Rock Garden, then mostly slush/mud. #boco_trails http://pic.twitter.com/maHoYeN1

Trail Meter: Fair»Good

Noon sunday, bone dry.

Trail Meter: Poor»Fair

11/6 Sunday - Ranger says Bitterbrush is rideable now.


Trail Meter: Good»Poor

Heard it through the grapevine today - muddy as shit. Wait a couple more days - oops, snow coming then. Maybe by 11/5 or 11/6

Dry and fun. Ready to ride!

dry and sandy, let it rain

Trail Meter: Poor»Good

Saturday the 16th Dry and Fast

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