Walker Ranch Management Plan Update

Letter from BCPOS resource planner Jesse Rounds, sent to the community on March 28, 2012.  BMA will keep you updated about related public meetings as the dates are set.


It's early spring and the staff at Parks and Open Space is continuing to work on the Walker Ranch Management Plan. Unfortunately, we were unable to stick with our originally planned meeting dates as we continue to try to work out options and address concerns raised by you the stakeholders as well as the staff. We're working on developing a management plan that will express the interests of all the stakeholders who've spent time and energy to make Walker Ranch a better Open Space experience.

My goal as project manager is to have a final staff meeting in late April and then prepare for a public meeting at which point we'll present alternatives and take comments and questions from the public. This will be an opportunity for you, the stakeholders, to delve deeply into proposals made by the staff so it is my goal to have an explanation of the proposals available for review before the public meeting.

Once we've had a chance to hear your comments and questions, we'll develop the plan for presentation to the Parks and Open Space Advisory Committee and the Commissioners. However, I want to make it clear that this process can be slow. We want to make sure we address any concerns raised by the public at the public meeting and give ample explanation for our proposed solutions within the plan.

The Board of County Commissioners make the final decisions regarding management plans. Our goal is to have the plan before them no later than early fall.

I will keep you posted on public meeting dates and I encourage you to call me or write me if you have any questions regarding the process.


Jesse Rounds
Resource Planner
Boulder County Parks and Open Space
5201 St Vrain Road Longmont, CO
(o) 303.678.6271
(f) 303.678.6179