West Mag status and illegal trail building alert


From the USFS Boulder Ranger District:


  • West Magnolia is now open to vehicle access. Forest Service Road 355D, a loop accessing four campsites, will be closed for repair. These campsites and the road remain closed for the season.
  • The landscape looks very different since completion of fuels treatment, so be careful to stay on designated roads and trails to keep from compacting the newly disturbed soil. Designated U.S. Forest Service non-motorized trails remain in the same location and non-system trails (social trails) will not rehabilitated.
  • Rogue trail-building without U.S. Forest Service authorization is a federal offense. According to Federal Regulations (16 USC 551; 36 CFR 261.10a) constructing, placing, or maintaining any kind of road, trail, structure, fence, enclosure, communication equipment, or other improvement on National Forest system land or facilities without special use authorization, contract, or approved operating plan is an aggravated offense. Violations could result in a mandatory court appearance and a $300.00 fine.
  • Boulder District Ranger is planning to initiate scoping for an Environmental Analysis on the Magnolia trails system following NEPA regulations, which will provide opportunities for visitors and locals to give input and feedback on proposed actions. STAY TUNED for when the scoping letter goes out!
  • For related project details visit: www.fs.usda.gov/goto/arp/westmagnolia